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Our new GlamPod 'Ruby' is here! All proceeds from this limited edition GlamPod will be donated to supporting women in need at the Elizabeth Fry Society in Edmonton, Alberta. The bundle comes fully-equipped with the all new GlamPod and a beauty sponge! Whether you're new to makeup or a professional, this kit is perfect for you. GlamPod's sleek design protects your sponge from coming into contact with gross dirt and bacteria, and side and bottom vents allow your sponge to dry after use. It's easy: just twist to open, pop your sponge into GlamPod and travel around town! Whenever you need to freshen up your makeup, GlamPod's got your back.

Included in the bundle:

  • GlamPod in Ruby
  • Black Glam Pro non-latex beauty sponge (medium density sponge)

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